A Land Far Far Away: Myanmar with Brian Kelley

By - Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

12oz crew member Brian Kelley recently went to South East Asia on a month long skate trip. The trip started in Vietnam, then to Cambodia, Thailand, and ended in Myanmar. Brian’s had all the images edited now for a little, but hasn’t really shown anything yet. These couple photos are from the train ride they took from Mandalay back to Yangon in the country of Myanmar. The crew got on a 10pm train out of Mandalay and arrived in Yangon about 15 or 16 hours later. The train had a couple different classes for seating ranging from sitting on wooden benches, to shitty seats, that some what reclined, and sleeping class, with an air conditioner that didn’t work. Brian’s room consisted of 12oz friend Dan Zvereff, and skaters Casey Rigney, and Denny Pham. When we asked about the train ride, it seemed like one of the most amazing experiences. Heres what he had to say, ” The ride down was relaxing, probably the most down time we had experienced in the last month of nonstop traveling. I was able to sleep through the first seven or eight hours. The constant passing of coffee and tea, or breakfast vendors finally got the best of me and I woke up. And just in time, I was able to wake up right at sunrise. The whole train ride people kept sneaking on and off the train whenever it came into a city and slowed down. For the 5 min in each city they could go all throughout the carts trying to sell you whatever, chicken, duck, coffee, alcohol. While the rest of the crew was passed out, Dan and I knew this would be the perfect time to go and explore the train. Passing through car after car, I would get a wide range of facial expressions, some looked happy or excited to see an american, and others just frowned at me. Through out the whole train, people would just fall asleep wherever, next to the bathrooms, in the middle section between cars, and under seats. One of my favorite memories from the ride though had to have been sitting in the middle section of the train where the doors were open, and you could just let your feet or body hang out of the car. Just watching the countryside of Myanmar go by”. Enjoy the photos, and keep checking back for more updates from Brian’s trip. Also check out the trailer below for the upcoming documentary being made of the whole exploration.

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