ABMB: Seen on the Streets – L'Amour Supreme

By - Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

The Blue Starlite Drive-In, found in Wynwood, hosted a train which got an overhaul courtesy of L’Amour Supreme, Shark Toof, Twerps and Jeremy Shantz as part of Secret Celluloid Society’s event during Art Basel. Prior to Miami, we hung out with L’Amour Supreme whilst he collaborated on a wall with Enmasse at the Converse NYC offices to talk about his plans for Art Basel, Spongebob and 2014. What happens after Art Basel? Straight from Miami, I fly to Paris for the Black Bones Club, Benny Bestreet is doing for Converse. Its kind of like a mini Bestreet festival but its more focued on artists competing against each other and I guess me and a few other artists are going to judge them. Oh and Mishka has a great collaborative show happening with Katz on January 7th, its going to be me, Lee Trice and SuckLord. Recently, you did the Scumbags and Superstars cruiser, do you have any other decks planned? For Art Basel we are dropping the Spongebob collection, we did this whole collection with Nickelodeon which I designed, we reinvented Spongebob in our own aesthetic which includes a skate deck, bucket hat, tank top and tees which is all going to be revealed at Basel Castle. Thats why I will be their live painting sponge bob at the event. How did you get involved with Basel Castle? Basel Castle started with the Overthrow guys that started throwing the party and Greg Mike is part of ABV crew which is who they hired to build everything out. They are the group that formed Basel Castle then me and Greg Mike became good friends. He has had me paint at various music festivals such as Camp Bisco and Counterpoint. What are you looking forward to at Art Basel? I just want to to paint a wall. I would love to get down with a group as opposed to painting one by myself. Is Mishka doing anything at Basel aside from the Spongebob collection? Secret Celluloid Society, hes a good friend of ours and he has a film viewing at this new drive in movie theatre thats opened up in Wynwood. They have old style speakers you can put on your cars, just a really sick old school drive-in style theatre and we’re doing a viewing of The Gate on Friday night and Secret Walls is hosting an event. Whats some of your favorite spots when to hit up when you’re in Miami There’s a dive bar called Deuces that we hang out at. Oh and Diddy’s house. He always throws a good party. Photography: Kelly Salih

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