ABMB: 12ozProphet's 12 Favorite Murals at Art Basel Miami Beach 2013

By - Friday, December 6th, 2013

Presented By Boost Mobile Art Basel annually intrigues with the allure of escaping to Miami for the week long art-party. Fairs, pop-ups, walls and evenings cloaked in exclusivity all contribute to the overwhelming decision of how to experience it all. Our preference is to spend time on foot, exploring streets and connecting with artists at their walls within Wynwood, its alley ways and the surrounding areas. Below are some of 12ozProphet’s mural highlights from previous years within the Wynwood area, many of which were realized by our friend, a huge patron of the arts, the late Tony Goldman of Goldman properties. It was his vision that transformed the neighborhoods unimpressive and industrious landscape, into an outdoor art gallery with works from internationally renowned street artists, graffiti writers and everything in between. In addition to appreciating contributions from locals, we are also looking forward to this years additions. Starting with an amazing redo that recently got completed from from Ukrainian friends Interesni Kazki over their previous building covering masterpiece. Also slated for 2013 are new works from Eduardo Kobra, INSA’s mural which will be the latest 4 layer Gif-iti from the artist, the Women on the Walls including artists Sheryo, Kashink, Lakwena Maciver and those unplanned collaborations that develop from the energy Art Basel – Miami inspires. In no particular order: 1. In 2011, Brazilian wonder twins and 12oz family, OsGemeos collaborated with Nina and Finok who they have worked with many times on a detailed mural on 2nd avenue at NW 26 Street. 2. Nunca – Nunca’s first experience in the US involved painting at Art Basel 2009 resulting in a stylized mural referencing the colonization of the US in the Wynwood Walls Courtyard. 3. Famed NYC writer and artist, Futura created an incredible wall in 2009 at the entrance of Wynwood Walls, opposite another stunner from Kenny Scharf. 4. West coast artist, Retna has painted some of the largest murals to date in Wynwood and takes pride in that. In 2011 the artist started a piece on 9/11 dedicated to those who lost their lives that day, writing sacred dance of memories” and “salva los espiritus santos” (save the holy spirits). The piece can be found in the lot behind the Wynwood Walls courtyard. 5. German twin brothers, How and Nosm, painted a mural that is around the corner from the Retna mural in the same lot. The wall features homing pigeons, birds bred to carry messages and find their way home to tell to tell a story of self destruction and mother nature. 6. Ryan McGinness – Exploring the female figure in a neon palette, a continuation of his black light nude series, the artist painted ’33 Women’ as part of phase 1 within Wynwood at 2nd Avenue and 25th Street. 7. Interesni Kazki were part of phase 2 of Wynwood and have recently completed their mural for the 2013 edition at Wynwood House located at NW 26th street on the block South of NW 5th ave. The duo from Ukraine have roots in graffiti throughout Eastern Europe and have been focused on painting public spaces for the past ten years. 8. Prolific writer and artist representing San Francisco, Barry McGee contributed twice to the Wynwood area in 2009 and then again in 2010. One wall is distinguished by his infamous geometry and ‘Ray Fong’ moniker and adorns the Panther Coffee building at 2390 NW 2nd Ave along with some other cutty spots he has running with tags, throwies and characters. 9. Risk and Shepard Fairey collaborated for the first time whilst at Art Basel 2012 creating a vibrant mural, ‘Peace and Justice’ in the Park West district of downtown Miami. You can’t help but get distracted by it driving up the highway heading towards Miami’s South Beach. Image: Birdman Photos 10. Female heavy-weight, Swoon, teamed up with Ben Wold and David Ellis took over at a two story corner building at 2nd ave and 21st street to tell their story through three very distinct styles that connect seamlessly. 11. NYC artist, Kenny Scharf who explored graffiti during the 70’s with peers, Warhol, Basquiat and Haring continues to create in the streets and within gallery spaces. In addition to a mural he has across from Futura in the Wynwood Walls Courtyard, the artist contributed a custom airstream as part of the Basel experience. 12. Mexican artist Saner began his work in the streets through graffiti in the 90s. The artist encountered the work of Sego and was immediately a fan. The pair began partnering on various murals influenced by the culture and folklore of Mexico City including their 2011 collaboration on the Southern edge of the Wynwood Walls along Nw 25 Street just West of NW 2nd Avenue. Check out the Boost Worlds Collide Hub here.

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