ABMB: Recap – Basel Castle

By - Thursday, December 19th, 2013

(Photo by iWally) The fairs and surrounding events of this year’s Art Basel were bigger than ever, the fourth year of Basel Castle was no exception. A single day excursion of art and music curated by ABV gallery chief Greg Mike and independent creative scene makers at The Overthrow further blurred the traditional notions of what Art Basel is all about. Entertainment for attendees included live painting by Nychos, Skinner, Jeremyville, Meggs, L’Amour Supreme, Greg Mike, Madsteez, Nosego,Angry Woebots, Pale Horse, Alex Yanes and Ben Frost held in various art corners throughout the park. The murals and installations provided a nice balance of aesthetic stimulus to go with the main stage’s musical talent including dj sets by SBTRKT and Gesaffelstein as well as live performances by Chance the Rapper, Brodinski, Travi$ Scott, Been Trill, Heroes x Villans. (Photo by iWally) Miami artists Alex Yanes and Baghead created a pair of hand crafted mini-golf installation pieces. (Photo by Duffy Higgins / @DuffyA76) The artist, Alex Yanes in front of his installation. (Photo by iWally) Nychos in progress on a 40ft wall. (Photo by Duffy Higgins / @DuffyA76) (Photo by iWally) Xray-Bob by Nychos (Photo by iWally) Philly based artist Nosego with a prime spot next to the stage. (Photo by Duffy Higgins / @DuffyA76) (Photo by Bomb_Hanks) L’amour Supreme with an oversized Mishka x SpongeBob SquarePants capsule design (Photo by iWally) (Photo by Duffy Higgins / @DuffyA76) (Photo by Bomb_Hanks) Woes adding detail to another one of his Panda masterpieces. (Photo by Duffy Higgins / @DuffyA76) (Photo by iWally) By early evening, the park was reaching the 12,000 person capacity. (Photo by iWally) Two of Australia’s best Meggs & Rone paint into the night. (Photo by iWally) (Photo by iWally) (Photo by Bomb_Hanks) Fabrizio Goldstein aka The Fat Jew with some custom made armor from The Surly Anvil (Photo by iWally) Body armor by The Surly Anvil. (Photo by Bomb_Hanks) The night belonged to Chance the Rapper. (Photo by Duffy Higgins / @DuffyA76) (Photo by Duffy Higgins / @DuffyA76) (Photo by Bomb_Hanks) The silhouette of Greg Mike. (Photo by iWally) Pale Horse with an amazing 5ft. spinning mandala, carnival game. (Photo by Bomb_Hanks) (Photo by Bomb_Hanks) Shark Toof painted his signature imagery stage right. (Photo by Bomb_Hanks) The Yok & Sheryo (Photo by Bomb_Hanks) Travi$ Scott crowd surfs and establishes his distain for the rules. (Photo by New Amsterdam Spirits) For those that opted for the VIP ticket, Basel Castle provided a spacious area for optimal viewing with additional perks including complimentary drinks and hot shaves hosted by New Amsterdam Spirits. (Photo by New Amsterdam Spirits) The complimentary drinks were hand made to order using New Amsterdam vodka. (Photo by New Amsterdam Spirits) Complimentary hot shaves for VIP patrons. (Photo by New Amsterdam Spirits) A VIP attendee gets a classic straight razor shave at the New Amsterdam Spirits Lounge.

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