ABMB: Recap – Faile & Bast Present 'Deluxx Fluxx'

By - Friday, December 6th, 2013

Deluxx Fluxx, version South Beach opened last night in Miami. The arcade, presented by Perrier will be running throughout the week of Art Basel. We got to steal a few moments with the Patricks, Patrick Miller and Patrick McNeil, childhood friends behind Faile, to discuss the project further and their collaboration with long time friend, Bast. Happening now at 1604 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach How long have you been coming to Art Basel? This is actually our first time coming down here, we’ve had work in the fairs before, we just never made it. We really wanted to do this project. What are you looking forward to down here? We don’t even know yet, we are just going to go on the journey of Art Basel. We just want to see if it lives up to the hype, we hear a lot of stories about how crazy it gets. How did you guys come up with the concept of Deluxx Fluxx? It was a late night brainstorm with Bast which started with the idea of a living room with crazy furniture and pinball machines which at the time was unrealistic. That turned into the arcade concept, Deluxx Fluxx. So Deluxx Fluxx has been to London, New York and now Miami, is this the final installment? This is one of our favorite shows that we like to do and one of the most enjoyable ones, observing the way people experience it, see it, hear it, so this won’t be the final installment, Building an experience like Deluxx Fluxx, what would you say are some of the challenges as part of that process? This is one of the ones that tries everything and theres a lot of production that goes into it – finding the space, sourcing all the cabinets, theres so many more things to have issues with – a lot of moving parts, a lot of people collaborating. Bast – When you guys collaborate it seems natural even though you guys have distinct styles. How long have you guys known each other and been working together. About thirteen years, since the beginning, its always fun to mix up the two styles. We met at a party but knew of each other through working on the street, noticing each others work and liking each others work. Who’s inspiring you? Bast is always inspiring, hes very exploratory and finding new avenues in his work. NY in general is what feeds a lot of the work. Just walking down the street, there is always something to see.

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