Agents Of Change– "Unfolding" in Morocco

By - Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Arrive in Marrakech, Morocco yesterday to prepare for the exhibition Unfolding with fellow Agents Of Change -Derm, Jaybo Monk, Remi Rough, LX One, Steve More, and Timid at David Bloch Gallery. So far its been a deep cultural immersion right off the plane. Its an amazing country one that heightens your senses and pulls you back in time. Visually its stunning and textured, weathered by time but beautifully finished by artisans hands. There is a strong arts and crafts culture here, it is tradition, a way of life. Agents of Change” title=”About Agents of Change”>Agents of Change are a collective of 12 artists who attack space. Formed in 2009, the international collective create work that responds on a site specific basis, integrating both the aesthetic and historical resonance of the environment they’re working in. Each project brings greater potential for innovation, both on a practical level in technique and on a more emotive basis in dealing with ever larger historical and political ideas. David Bloch Gallery is located at 8 bis rue des Vieux Marrakchis, 40000 Marrakech, Morocco, and Unfolding will run from May 10 to June 8. Press enquiries:
For further information please contact: 
Tim Daly Tel: +44 7939 510 724 
or David Bloch Tel: +212 5 24 45 75 95 For Sales enquiries: 
Please contact David Bloch Tel: +212 5 24 45 75 95 Marrakech AirportTheater RoyalEntering MedinaButcher ShopFrom NYC to Morocco

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