The Aleman Brewing Company Is Getting Down With Graff This Spring

By - Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Chicago is no stranger to the craft beer craze sweeping across every beer loving city around the world. Home to many a fine brewery, The City of Big Shoulders loves its beer and is in eager anticipation of a new player in town….The Aleman Brewing Company. After making much noise in local and national brewing festivals and competitions, Aleman Brewing is finally set to start distributing its products very soon.  12ozProphet was invited to its base of operations for a look around and a sit down with Jim Moorehouse one of the founders of the brewery and we asked him a couple of questions:

How did you guys get started brewing your own beer?

It started as a random (and rare for restaurant employees) Saturday afternoon off where Nate (Albrecht) and I actually went forward with the idea of brewing our own beer. This immediately turned into an almost weekly gathering of like minded individuals at Rockwell’s neighborhood grill to brew a different style of beer. This lead us into a competition with our coffee IPA hosted by Won Kim (REVISE) called Iron Brew. We took first prize which was an opportunity to brew our recipe in collaboration with Two Brothers brewing co. and Stone at their facility in San Diego. This beer hit a national audience and was very well received. We immediately started planning our brewery.

So many of us beer drinkers in Chicago have been waiting in anticipation for some Aleman beer. Do you guys know when you’ll be ready to launch?

After 3 years of planning we are set to hit the market in late April or early May (2016).

Can you give us a list of the names of the beers that you’ll be releasing?

DayMan Coffee IPA

SoulMan Salted Caramel Brown Ale

LadiesMan American Wheat w/Lemon Thyme

StrongMan American Strong Ale w/Caraway and Maple

TheMan IPA w/rotating cast of hops

Not only do we love beer but we also love graff and you have some nice work painted on the walls of your brewery by names like Asend (ATT) (DC5), C3P0 (MUL), Revise (CMW) and others. How did that come about?

When we first started planning this I had visited a lot of breweries and thought that If I was going to spend 80 hours a week in a similar space, i’m going to want some character. Growing up here it was always around through numerous groups of friends. One night I pitched it to Ogel over many beers and the idea stuck. 2 years later he actually threw together a crew and some of them were familiar faces. Nerd was my best friend’s brother growing up and Revise hosted the competition that set us on this path 3 years ago. 

So if you’re of legal age and if you’re interested in finding out more about the Aleman Brewing Company than check out their website, Instagram or Facebook and if you’re not than atleast check out the photographs we posted of the work put in by the artists.

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