Preview: "All City Canvas" Upcoming Event Presented by Sprite

By - Friday, April 13th, 2012

Sprite is presenting an amazing urban art acceptance and appreciation event in the historic districts of Mexico City, from April 30th to May 5th 2012. All City Canvas will include murals created by: {image-1} {image-2} {image-3} {image-4} {image-5} {image-6} All City Canvas is an initiative to develop three Mexican youth-led organizations who promote the development of urban art and other forms of creative expression: Arto, Mamutt, and Mujam (Vintage Toy Museum). Leading these organizations are Victor Celaya, Gonzalo Alvarez and Roberto Shimizu respectively. All City Canvas has the support of government, private companies and civil organizations. The event is also sponsored by Sprite, a known corporate supporter of the graffiti movement. All City Canvas will bring nine well known urban artists from all over the world to do their thing in Mexico City. Each artist will have about 270ft on the sides of buildings located in strategic areas of Paseo de la Reforma, located near the historic center. The public will be able to witness the execution of the works. There will also be activities related to graffiti art, a culture that has become the most dynamic and diverse art movement to date, stemming from the youth in cities all over the world. Additionally, according to Victor Celaya, Mexican urban artists are not copying, and they have their [own] techniques and styles. So those in mexico this spring will get a dose of amazing Mexican urban art flair all rolled up in one city wide event. Roberto Shimizu, whose father founded the Antique Toy Museum, says that there are areas in the city, like La Condesa and Roma, which already has plenty of amazing graffiti, and now tries to reach other cities to introduce graffiti, for example, a giant mural in the middle of a bland colorless road on the outskirts of town. Shimizu says, “To bring public art outside the museum, bringing culture and education is what will save Mexico, it is about making urban art an actor of social change.”

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