The Alphabet of Roid MSK

By - Friday, June 19th, 2015

The emphasis on personal and unique style is one of the tenants of graffiti. That each writer should put in the work to make sure their style is as original and distinctive as it possibly can be, stands at the forefront of the creative arm of the culture. Whilst there are certainly strong stylistic traditions within different cities/communities, outside of this the emphasis is put on individuals to create something new. 

Take for instance the Parisian scene in particular, where writers like Saeio & Horfee have twisted traditional European and American graffiti forms to create something truly intriguing. Where Horfee’s multiple extensions, characters and recent bulbous colorful shapes have morphed from more traditional alphabets, Saeio’s pure abstraction is nowadays more akin to fine art than it is to graffiti. But despite their relationship to a shared city and culture, both writers work is very much different, and it’s that common foundation that I find most interesting. 

This common foundation leads us to the UK based Roid MSK, who I would argue has one of the strongest and most all encapsulating aesthetics out there. Whilst his work is more akin to what we’re used to seeing from graffiti than his Parisian colleagues, anyone who has kept a keen eye on his Instagram recently will have seen him drop 26 paintings, covering every letter of the alphabet – with each one taking inspiration from a different shape or texture. What this leads to, as you can see, is pieces that do clearly resonate with graffiti but whose outside influences push the culture forward in exciting ways.



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