Video Connoisseur: American Juggalo

By - Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

American Juggalo from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

The internet is a powerful medium for independent artists to circulate their material. When popular artists put new videos out onto the web, their hype is at peak freshness. Sometimes that hype decays and decomposes until the product is pile of lame and novel goo. The global audience doesn’t pick up what the artist was trying to communicate or they realize their was nothing behind the art to be communicated. Sometimes new material takes time to achieve notoriety, a marinating process, an incubation period. It’s most often the case with lesser known heads. Ether way, everyone’s got a few old videos they watch on repeat or show their friends when they’re drinking. Me? Ive got plenty. I farm the fruits of the media tree, picking, pruning, storing and fermenting only the best from information jungle. I’m a connoisseur of a very specific taste and style but regardless of my pretentious art-douche philosophy I’ve still got a little bit for everyone. By the dude Sean Dunne I have here a recent classic. A intimate and somewhat candid look into the life of America’s most popular and and disdained social group, the Juggalos. The power of documentary film can make any group of people seem dudes you could smoke a bowl and catch some slams with, even the face-paint wearing, faygo-drinkin’, crap-rappin’ white bulls they call Juggalos. The world of graffiti writers should take some notes from these guys, they have a strong sense of loyalty, camaraderie and chillen. Still though its like watching a train wreck with these guys. And let’s not keep any thing in the closet here, I’ve met way to many people with hatchet man tattoos and quite a few of them were writers.

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