Amory Arts Week: Station16 at Fountain Art Fair

By - Friday, February 28th, 2014

As the exhibitors and artists roll into NYC for Armory Arts Week 2014, Station16 gallery and print shop from Montreal are putting together a wicked display for Fountain Art Fair. Every Station16 artist (that’s over two dozen) have contributed a 16×16 woodblock original work to create a clean, dynamic wall to show off the talent that is represented by this gallery. Each piece is for sale at an affordable rate, as well as un-released original prints from many of their artists. With small teasers springing up on Instagram and their blog, we’re looking forward to seeing work from OMEN, WhatIsAdam, LABRONA, Five8, enzoandnio, PEZ and more.
Station16 has been turning out amazing shows like Momento Mori with OMEN, Le Diamantaire, and the explosive collab show“NYC meets MTL” which featured giants like COST, GILF, SCAN and Roadsworth. A gallery that has prided themselves on moving the scene forwards and shining new light on street art, Station16 has faced the adversary of large break-in and theft to only come out on top and continue with their important work. Beyond being a gallery space, Station16 also offers workshops on silkscreening and print making, a popular feature at festivals like Osheaga, Chromatic and Art Souterrain. Needless to say, Montreal and the Station16 crew have been pumping out fantastic contemporary artists and work.
Be sure to stop by the Station16 booth at Fountain Art Fair 2014, part of Armory Arts Week in Manhattan.

Author: Ro Sabourin / @rosabourin

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