Armory Arts Week: Fountain Art Fair Recap

By - Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Fountain Art Fair opened to the public on Friday night and what followed were three long days filled with art. This years event was similar to last years in the number of booths that participated as well as the fact that the large Street Art canvases, curated by Mighty Tanaka Gallery, were brought back. The canvases were arranged slightly differently this year with them being located along the back wall as opposed to flanking each side. It made them easier to appreciate all together when you stood towards the back but they were still difficult to fully view from a majority of the fair. However, it worked out well since the back area was full of action. There were bars in each corner, a bocce ball court at one end, and the main stage. The stage played host to DJs as well as two panel discussions, each taking place from around noon until 2 on Saturday and Sunday. Unsurprisingly the conversations touched on the topics of selling out, the differences between Street Art and Graffiti, what it means to be a “muralist” and the effects of gentrification. Some of the booths didn’t have fully operating lights on Friday night but by Saturday morning everything was in proper order and it remained that way for the remainder of the event. There were a lot of familiar faces, artists and galleries and we stopped by returning booths Station 16 and Leon Reid IV. Station 16 took center stage this year and was relocated to the front and they did a good job of greeting fair goers upon entering. They had a good mix of small original canvases and their standard prints. Leon Reid IV had some hand drawn prints and sketches, small figurines and he also had a 3D printer set up churning out small heads and text. The contents of the booths varied from prints, original paintings, photographs, and some 3 dimensional works. Photos and text by: Spencer Elzey

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