Art Basel Miami Beach 2014: Wynwood Walls

By - Friday, December 5th, 2014

This year Miami Beach Art Basel will be exhibiting artworks in 67 galleries, as always, welcoming artists of all mediums. The fair is carefully divided into nine sectors, each providing a space for various forms of individual and collaborative art. The 12ozProphet team wanted to pay homage to all of the sick art, artists, curators, publishers, gallerists, and writers alike. So here is a bit of the history behind Art Basel and its street art showcase. Art Basel, founded by three gallerists, Ernst Beyeler, Trudi Bruckner and Balz Hilt, made its premiere in 1970. At the time, contemporary art was generally unappreciated. There were few contemporary art museums and the community seemed quite small. However, when Beyeler, Bruckner and Hilt conceived of the fair, the opportunity for contemporary artists to exhibit their work arose, and the attention paid was substantial. Attendees exceeded 16,000. Thirty-two years later Art Basel was reproduced in Miami, and in 2013, Hong Kong Basel made its debut. If you didn’t have the cash or time to hit up Basel this year, or have been too distracted by the paint in your own city, you might be missing the advancement of street art accessibility of the century. One of the most prominent attractions of Art Basel, the Wynwood Arts District of Miami, in which 70+ galleries reside, is one of the leading street-art fairs in the world. The district, formerly comprised of warehouses, was overhauled by the late Tony Goldman in 2009. His appreciation for street art and graffiti compelled him to provide a public space for it, stimulating the then money-pit district. Since then, both high profile and vandal status artists have been painting murals and doors in the district, drawing attention from tens of thousands of attendees and Miami Beach residents. Some 2014 Wynwood wall painting additions include Cleon Peterson, Sheryo, Swoon, and IRAK. Because ABMB is a colossal assembly of art shows, parties, murals, screenings and talks, and because you can’t be everywhere at once (even if you’re in Miami as you read this), we took the liberty of collecting some dope Wynwood wall shots for you to check out. To check out everything that’s going on at the fair, hit up @wynwoodmiami and @artbasel on Instagram.     Photo credit: Jel Martinez via:

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