Art Basel Miami With Drew In Chicago

By - Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

With a personal invitation from Chicago street artist JC Rivera, I trekked to Miami for the first time to experience Art Basel, one of the largest art shows with make shift art galleries representing artists from all over the world. Scope, Aqua, Untitled and X Contemporary just to name a few, and tons of art dealers showcasing works from some of todays most notable artists. 

What I went for however is the collection of street artists and graffiti writers. Within Wynwood, Miami, in a sort of meeting of the styles, the neighborhood is covered in works both old and new. Stacks on stacks with layers of colors that collect into a new melange of ideas, and artists that end up in a weird way collaborating. Who paints over Nychos? Somebody has to, just to feature something new. And all I have to say is that it better be something spectacular, something notable. But it wasn’t, and that’s how it plays out. 

This was a great way to see artists I knew and see new ones that I might not have known in my own city. I live in Chicago and there is a wide collection of artists that participated. However, in a city like Wynwood, it’s in a constant state of change. Art painted and art painted over, transient and always changing, which makes me want to go back again next year to see more, experience more, make more new friends and connect to the community we all enjoy. Painters painting and people doing what they love to do. 

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