Art & Design: From Detroit To Scope New York

By - Friday, March 6th, 2015

Right now, in the bowels of Detroit, Inner State Gallery is preparing for Scope New York which will take place this weekend, March 6th – 8th. On the heels of Pow Wow Hawaii, Inner State is wasting no time preparing for another show. Artists Naturel and Sharktoof are in house to create some final handpainted multiples and original works to be shipped off to New York. The gallery has been turned into a temporary workspace for the artists to complete their final pieces, and they are using the city vibe of Detroit to finish the process. Even gallery owner Jesse Corey can be seen helping the workflow.

“Why do you think it is important to start traveling to all of these show out of state?”

Jesse Corey: 

“Now that we’ve established a global brand with 1xRUN and Inner State Gallery, we feel it’s necessary to bring that experience to our collectors in NYC, Miami, Mexico, Vienna, Honolulu and beyond. Over the past 3 years we’ve hosted pop up exhibitions and participated in international art fairs in the cities mentioned above. We’ve also been sponsoring mural festivals like Pow Wow Hawaii and Pangea Seed’s Sea Walls for the past few years and with all of these activations we had a ton of chances to further connect with artists, collectors, and fans. 
Participating in this weekend’s Scope Art Fair in NYC is a great opportunity for us to showcase original art from the collective of artist we work with and present them to a new audience. When you work in a digital world we often connect with collectors on the phone or over email, it’s nice to have a chance to meet people in person and build new relationships.  
This time around we’re taking a slightly different approach to the fair.  We’re going to present a solo exhibition by Naturel, and watching him make many of the piece in person I can say that this collection is his most ambitions to date.  Along side Naturel’s work we’re presenting several pieces from Above’s solo show “Remix” that opened last November in Detroit.  The pieces are so dynamic in person, and with our collectors having limited access of traveling to Detroit for the show we thought bringing a few pieces to NYC would be a good chance for people to see the work in person.  

We’re also showcasing 18 – 1xRUN featured artists in our Scope NYC exhibition. With Beau Stanton, Ben Frost, Cope2, Cryptik, Defer, Denial, Doze Green, Eddie Colla, Greg Gossel, Madsteez, Meggs, Nychos, OG Slick, Persue, Ron Zakrin, Ryan McCann and Shark Toof contributing a painting or series of hand painted multiples we’re able to show more artists at the fair and also provide guest of the exhibition a look into the curation and collective of artists we work with on 1xRUN.”

For more info on Inner State Gallery and their booth at Scope NYC go to 

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