Art & Design: New Herakut Mural in Toronto

By - Friday, June 7th, 2013

Michael J. Avent 2 12oz-Herakut_mural_Toronto-1.jpg” border=”0″ style=”max-width:400px;” class=”gc-images” /> Germany’s artistic duo Herakut recently graced Toronto, Canada with a beautiful and inspirational new mural examining the relationship between the artist and his creative nature. Hailing from Germany, Herakut is comprised of two street artists, Hera and Akut. Herakut’s work is generally monumental, expressionistic, and thought-provoking. The new mural in Toronto, Canada situates the artist as creator in relation to his “creative spirit,” personified in the form of a ghostly figure with snakes for hair like Medusa. The artist depicted touches of his creative spirit for the first time, gazing deep into this spirit’s eyes with a sense of acceptance. The words on the side ask the viewer, “Was it the most glorious or the most monstrous moment when Jay met his creative spirit?” This white lettering is superimposed over the somewhat hidden repeated phrase “I am different, I am different.” Lurking in the background here is the notion of the artist as “different” from the rest of us, as a unique and unparalleled individual in our society. The mural begs the question of the artist’s role as a creator: is it a blessing or a curse to be haunted by this creative spirit? The hair of snakes also brings to mind the Medusa role, suggesting that the artist may be turned to stone once he’s gazed into the eyes of this spirit, so that there may be no turning back from the artistic and creative future that awaits him. His gaze will be locked on the creative spirit forever.

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