Art Poesia Paints at the "Pow Wow" Art Event in Hawaii

By - Monday, February 20th, 2012

Good friend of 12ozProphet, Art Poesia has been in Hawaii painting for the past week at Pow Wow 2012. The paintings shown below display his life-long interest in deconstructing letterforms to the point of abstraction, his obsession with spray paint, and his love of painting outdoors in public spots. Poesia grew up in California. He was a member of the Lords when he was younger and then became a member of the Transcend Collective in the nineties, which was lead by the geometric abstract writer Joker. He says Transcend was less a crew than an informal group of like-minded artists that wanted to push the boundaries of graffiti aesthetics. Poesia still follows the same path pushing the envelope in all parts of his life. He has expanded the range of his styles and stepped up his painting for galleries with an upcoming solo show this year. He has also epanded his group of friendships by starting a new website in 2010, which in essence has united a new collective of like minds from around the globe. celebrates world-wide progressive graffiti aesthetics, connecting artists who have interests in abstraction, fine art and intellectual musings. The site has writing, art and interviews with artists such as Futura, Haze, Mare139, WestOne, Jose Parla, Juice126, Marco Pho Grassi, Kofie, Remi-Rough, Jaybo, Mr. Jago, Mark Lyken, MadC, and many more great painters from all backgrounds and geographic locations. Text: Daniel Feral

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