Art Whino’s G40 Summit 2012 Attracts Some of the Biggest Names in Street Art to Virginia

By - Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Since 2010, Art Whino’s G40 Summit has brought together artists from all around the world to the DC metropolitan area. This year in Richmond, Virginia, Art Whino has invited a dozen artists to paint 20 different walls. In an effort to put Richmond Virginia on the map of the street art world, Richmond also hosted the RVA street art festival over the weekend. As in previous years, G40 will display over 500 other artists in the surrounding galleries. Here is a list of the participating artists and the location of their murals: Gaia 11 W Grace Street Pixel Pancho 9 W Grace St 1204 N. Hull Street 112 N. 18TH ST 1821 E Main St Aryz 111 N 17th Street 1506 West Main Street Roa 1501 W. Main Street 11 S 18th St Jaz 212 W Broad Street 309 North Laurel Street 2400 W. Main Street Lelo 414 W Broad Street 2043 W. Broad Street 1711 E Main Street La Pandilla 17 W Marshall St Angry Woebots 311 W Broad Street 110 N. 18TH ST 2501 11 S 18th St 927 West Grace Street Scribe 315 W Broad Street 140 West Clay Street Text: Mika Altskan Photo: sammiches18, Bill Dickinson, Marc Schmidt

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