Artists for Israel

By - Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

The Bomb Shelter Museum at Washington Square Park was a form of artistic protest. In New York this winter, college students experience Snow Days. In Israel, they have BOMB DAYS – days when school is closed due to threat of incoming rockets. Regardless of what side of the Israel vs Palestine issue you’re on, launching rockets into civilian populations just isn’t acceptable. According to the press release: “We built the Bomb Shelter to show people the reality of life on the ground in Israel – the terror of living next to individuals who refuse to make peace. We want people to see, feel and experience this frightening reality firsthand.” After the shelter was built and wheatpasted with the propaganda posters of Israel’s enemies, pro-Israel graffiti artists COPE2, SKI, 2ESAE, KA and INDIE covered wen’t over it all. Artists 4 Israel takes world famous graffiti artists on painting tours of Israel. Past tours have seen the likes of BELIN, MYRWHAN, CYCLE, NICER TATS and many others. I guess if they can use street art to sell Volvos, maybe it’ll also work to stop a war that’s been raging for over a hundred years. Words and Photos by Craig Dershowitz

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