ASOS Black x Puma x Pulse Films – “Os Pixadores”

By - Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

ASOS Black recently teamed up with Puma and Pulse films to produce Os Pixadores – a short film profiling the Pixação culture of São Paulo. 

While the Pixação style has been well documented in the past, here, its practitioners and its form are condensed into a short film, most likely aimed at enticing the interest of the unknowing. Pulse Films has previously worked with Stella Artois, Kenzo, Addidas and Land Rover, and Asos Black is an arm of fashion retailer ASOS…take from that what you will. 

Fixed with a loose narrative, the short film portrays a gang talking eloquently about their love for the pixação style and painting several (ridiculous) spots. It provides a beautiful depiction of a fascinating visual style of graffiti and an intriguing welcome to the culture for those who are unaware, even if there is a slight queasiness inside of us at the sight of Puma branding, the overly cheesy runaway scene at the end and the horrible acted parts in the portrayal of an act which needs absolutely no acting in it whatsoever…

What do you think? Beginners insight for those unaware? Or the corporate world trying to convince us that they have the remotest interest in something outside of retail sales?

Let us know in the comments section below, or shoot us a tweet @12ozProphet.

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