Augor MSK Interview on Acclaim Mag

By - Friday, October 5th, 2012

For all you fans of Augor MSK check out this fresh interview from our homies at Acclaim Magazine. Augor is one of LA’s most hardcore street bombers impressing many with his organic comic style. He is a true one of a kind writer. Check out an excerpt below and read the full interview here. Your style is quite distinctive: you have a tendency to blend traditional forms of letters with your own twist on typography, adding graphic, cartoon-like elements. Do you find you’re constantly honing your style? I work as a commercial illustrator so flipping and studying different line work, genres of art and artists is an obligation in order to nail certain projects. With my graffiti, it’s all about what mood I’m in. Right now I’m going back to the same styles that were strong in LA in 2000 through 2003. Dark fills and very technical, almost cyborg hybrid letters. People like ZES PYSA and REVOK’s work during those years are prime examples of what gets me in the mood to paint graffiti these days. What do you think about critics who suggest the culture has become oversaturated, or that there’s a lot of bad graff out there? The cultures always seemed “ bigger than us’’ meaning it’s a culture, it existed before and will exist after. And if I’m correct the word “toy’’ was invented in the ‘80s, I think, if anything, it’s easier to see everything for what it is. There’s always gonna be ballers and there’s always gonna be broke ass niggaz. And our economy’s in a crunch, but if you’ve always been broke, you don’t really got a “oh the good old days” feeling about anything. Source: Acclaim Magazine

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