Banksy Arrest Story Baffles Internet: Media Satire Taken Seriously

By - Tuesday, October 28th, 2014


News source,” The National Report, published a story last week, claiming that UK based, internationally renowned street artist, Banksy, had been seized into police custody, and his true identity finally revealed. The false report claimed that London police had identified and arrested a man by the name of Paul Horner, otherwise known as Banksy. This isn’t the first time the cleverly irritating Paul Horner has attempted to rile up the internet, mobilizing falsified press releases and stories of Banksy’s arrest.

The National Report article goes on to claim London police had received late-night “word” that a group of individuals was leaving one of the flats, suspected to be an illicit Banksy hangout, also known as an art studio.

The fake reports are convincingly detailed, but sloppy nonetheless. To establish the general nature of articles posted to The National Report, readers might venture to click to as far as the main page of the site and browse some of the other headlines including, “As Many As 10,000 NYC Residents Exposed to Ebola,” and “Student Loses Scholarship Over Political Correctness Requirement.”

This “hoax,” otherwise known as media satire, quickly fooled readers with blind faith in their sources, proving that people are generally terrible at research and fact validation, and nothing more. This week, stay tuned for a host of great hoax revealers posted on popular “news” sources, claiming that they could have told the Banksy arrest was a joke from the start.

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