Bazooka Films 77 Drops Some New Videos

By - Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Every time the homie Bazooka Films drops some new videos it seems like his style is a little different. I guess that’s what happens as you come into your own as a film maker and have the luxury of picking and choosing your own projects. Over the past year it;s hard to think of someone who has come farther and worked their way deeper into the scene then Bazooka. Every time we get a call about a new project we are blown away at everything he’s up to. Lucky for us he still likes to kick us some exclusives every now and then… Stay tuned for that one.

These two videos find Bazooka experimenting a bit more with how is shooting and editing his graff vids. The first Texas Days, covers a return home for Bazooka as he links up with some of the writers doing it big in San Antonio. Where things get interesting however is with the second video. The Sound of Silence is far from your normal bombing video, usually jacked up with loud tunes and heavy base. Instead, this video takes a listen into what it really sounds like to be out painting or hitting the yard. Any writer knows that their is something blissful about the unique silence you hear at 3:00 AM, or the distant sound of bumping cars. What the video lacks in visuals, it makes up for in concept.

Check out them both, and then see more from Bazooka in the 12ozProphet Forums.

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