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Thanks for sitting down with 12ozProphet. First, why don’t you take a second to tell us who MUSA 71 is 

Ok, MUSA 71 is the head of the iceberg that is me, a writer from Barcelona Spain. This iceberg has been with me since 1989, growing, suffering (not much) and traveling and having fun (a lot).

1. What got you to this great path of the beautiful art you do if you can say this the moment in my life i decided i wanted to do this full time 

The first time I saw someone painting, it was in the late 80’s. I was going on my way to high school and I saw a guy facing a wall, painting, without touching the surface using nothing more than a spray can. It was like magic! Later I found out this guy was Futura 2000. 

When I reached  school I spoke with my classmate Kapi, he was the only person I knew that painted. I told him and he explained what Futura was doing, from this moment I was hooked. 
2. Who have been big influences in your life?

In my life.. My graffiti life…, the classics from NYC, and the classic wildstylers from Germany.

3.What’s your tool of choice? (Paint, cap, pen, brand etc.)

I have been involved with Montana Colors since the beginning in ’94. Things, people and companies change, but I’m still with MTN. My favorite cap is the NY Fat and the Universal cap. 

4. Are there any big projects coming up for you or anything you’re involved in ?
Mmmmmm maybe…… O.o
musa 2
5. What’s on your music list?

Funk from the 70’s, soul, electronic, rock… currently I am listening to D’Angelo.  

6. How do you see the culture right now?

Eh! it is too big, i have to make an effort to keep my mind open  for all the new names and styles and labels. There is an abuse of the name “graffiti”, and I am not that interested in the “street art”, “urban art” label. 

On the good side, there is a lot of talented people showing their vision on the streets and trains. And that, I love
7. whats one feeling you can say you get when your done with a piece you just finish?

It depends, but I really enjoy the process. The best part for me is the outline, normally it takes me quite awhile to decide if the piece is done or not. And the more I look, the more I want to do, occasionally it gets a bit out of control :/

8. what do you do to prepare before painting?

I draw everyday, and usually my dreams are quite crazy and colorful so, when I know I’m going to paint I chose the colors without thinking too much. 

The only thing is that I always prefer bright colors, and coffee, always coffee!
9. How do you see your influence on the culture?
I don’t know, and I don’t let my ego dream about it either, it doesn’t seem healthy. 
10. what is your earliest memory of holding a can?

Mmm… I guess that one night, with Kapi, helping him to do a roller piece. I was happy but concerned because it was hard to control and I didn’t want to screw it up. 

11. Any advice for someone just starting to paint? 

Let it flow and practice a lot. Fall in love with it. 

12. If you could paint with anyone who would it be and why?

Mmm when I was younger that was more important (not so much anymore). There are a lot of good people painting, great people that always teach you something if you want to learn. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview, is there any last things you want to say?

Anytime, and in the words of the great E.T. beeeeeeeeee gooooooooood.

All photos by MUSA 71 

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