Beastie Boys by Cey "City" Adams

By - Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Back in 1984, Cey Adams painted this sick piece for the Beastie Boys located next to the popular 80’s night club Danceteria in a parking lot on 21st and 6th ave. The above photo was published in Fader magazine issue #4 and recently posted on Fresh Paint NYC is addition to the big Cey blockbuster painted in the West Village in 1985 and still running today! Cey Adams was a graffiti writer in the 80’s who was one of the first artists to have his work cross over from the streets into the galleries, and particular the design world. Cey Adams was the founding creative director of Def Jam Records and created the “old school” style lettering that spelled out Beastie Boys on the album cover of the 1983 release Cooky Puss. Cey remained close to the band members. “I would fly out to Los Angeles often, splitting my time between their homes. I would stay with Yauch who lived in a real log cabin, real wood I tell you. I would dive off the roof of Adam’s [Horovitz] house doing cannonballs in the pool or ride Mike’s cool vintage bike collection.” Following the passing of MCA Cey wrote “Adam Yauch was my brother and a truly gifted music man who fought for the rights of others. Rise MCA…” Source: Fresh Paint NYC and Beastiemania

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