BEGR-Handstyles Project By @BazookaFilms77

By - Sunday, December 7th, 2014

In this nod to blackbook sessions, Begr goes page by blank page practicing handstyles as graffiti artists are known to do in their down time doing.  Bazooka Films 77’s Jaime Sanchez did this as part of a series on Begr “Spray In YourLane” which can be found on his YouTube channel. He wanted to capture something more personal in this film that reflects blackbook sessions and time spent alone by artists practicing old and new styles in books rather than the very public settings and pieces shown in his other videos with Begr.

By taking it back to the fundamentals he shows that every artist, no matter how practiced, still experiments with new letters and their basic tags no matter how long they have been in the game. The two had already discussed filming this project in advance but it came to fruition one night while hanging out drawing with friends and the timing seemed perfect to start filming. The relaxed setting definitely lends to the feel of the video as it came about naturally and allowed Begr to just be at ease while catching some tags. As for Bazooka Films 77, it was a nice diversion from the other films he has done with Begr and word is we can be looking forward to other similar projects to come.

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Lazer David - January 18, 2015


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