Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with Interesni Kazki

By - Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Separately known as Waone and Aec, Interesni Kazki are a street art duo that hail from the Ukraine. Beginning their artistic career in the late 90’s experimenting with traditional graffiti in Kiev, these talented visual artists quickly started to build a devoted following and rapidly developed an impressive style that remains anything but derivative. In 1999 the duo made the transition from exterior to interior works, but even then still managed to produce a fair amount of work on trains and bombing in cities. By 2004, however, the brothers abandoned letter forms entirely and focused strictly refining their trademark style even further. It was then that the name, “Interesni Kazki”, became fully realized. Citing influences as varied as Ray Bradbury, science fiction, Salvador Dali & Basquiat, the combination of creative inspirations is evident from the very first viewing of their work. Comparisons can be readily drawn to the aforementioned Dali, Hieronymous Bosch and even Os Gemeos. In recent years their works have been included in the LGZ Festival in Moscow, Art Basel in Miami, Boombarstick Festival in Croatia and FAME Festival in Italy. They have literally traveled around the globe and their mega-murals can be viewed currently in countries as varied as South Africa, Mexico, USA, Russia & Portugal. We are pleased, and honored, to offer you an exclusive sneak peek behind-the-scenes look at this wonderful mural in progress with images provided by the talented Miami-based artist Jel Martinez. Stay tuned to 12ozProphet for more coverage of Interesni Kazki and their Wynwood mural in the coming days!

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