Behind The Scenes: Stevie Crooks Nineties Flavored Mixtape

By - Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Stevie Crooks: Cashmere Killer from The Popular Strangers on Vimeo.

Up and coming is not the fitting category for this artist, maybe as one critic, Steve Sincere, put it “Cashmere Killer is a clear homage to what hip hop once was, and what its grown from.” This dude rocks classic mid nineties flow that has been compared to the old Jay Z, with early nineties beats that make you wanna grab a jeep. Technically, this is not so much a literal throwback as it is just pure 1990’s nostalgia. Jump into the pool of Stevie Crooks’ mixtape Cashmere Killer that is dripping with nostalgic beats by Zeniro, Tut Piece, BeastBySadik, Vanilla, Nick Wiz, Jansport J, and the very appropriate Large Professor. With the help of LRG, the mixtape will be provided to you for FREE, although not on cassette, you can download this steezy street release over at DJ Booth. The video above is a behind the scenes look at the album in production, shot and edited by Michael Morales in association with The Popular Strangers Group. Text: sheacote

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