BG 183 Solo Exhibition at New Gallery in the South Bronx

By - Friday, October 9th, 2015

Up in the Bronx where the people are Fresh: there has been a lot of buzz in the arts community over the past few years. New galleries,  project spaces and organizations are opening up and there is a revitalization happening there being lead by artists.

On Saturday,  October 10th, from 6 pm to 9pm, More Points BX will open its door with a solo exhibition of legendary Tats Cru member BG 183. The exhibition “Autumn Spray” is a new collection of autumn inspired paintings.  Located at 527 Faile street walking distance from the 6 train in the South Bronx neighborhood of Hunts Point. Hunts Point is a neighborhood known for it’s controversial history and industrial landscape has been at the forefront of social justice, street art and the development of Hip Hop since the 1970’s.  

“More point BX” is a collaboration between Artists SIEN IDE and Eric Orr.  12ozProphet caught up with the busy duo on a quiet night in the Bronx as they are preparing for the opening of Autumn Spray” to find out more about their new space and upcoming shows.

12oz: What is More Points BX? 

S & EO: The official name of the space is More Points BX, it’s a hybrid studio/ paint space. We work out of this space daily and share the space with other artists.  

12oz: What made you decide to open a space in Hunts Point, in the South Bronx?

S & EO: Why Hunts point… We need it! We need more of it.  We need to invest in our community’s creativity for the well being of the borough’s future. Through art we can mentor pupils to become better artists through the gift of giving back. The philosophy here is simple. Keep the youth busy learning art, for every second they are with us they are less likely to run into trouble in the streets. We are an eclectic group of well seasoned artists with experience in the art/gallery world who are just passing along the information you need to succeed should you take this game serious.

12oz: With your first opening this Saturday featuring a solo exhibition with BG 183 of the Tats Cru, how did this show come together? 

S & EO: We decided to open our doors to the public with a solo exhibition created by BG 183, which we think is not only right but appropriate since the Tats Cru are our neighbors. 

12oz: There is a lot of misconceptions still about The Bronx, especially the South Bronx. What made you decide on setting up in Hunts Point? 

S & EO:  The best thing about being in the Bronx is the high concentration of talent that populates this borough. 

12oz: With your space being more than just a gallery, what are some upcoming projects we should look out for? 

S&EO : We offer rental space for art shows, video shoots, listening parties and for large projects that need extra space such as props or scenic painting. We are currently conducting digital and painting workshops on Wednesdays. 

To contact More Point BX email:

More Points BX is Located at 527 Faile Street, Bronx, NY 10474



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