Blackbook sessions with DMOTE – Prime Suspects

By - Saturday, January 24th, 2015

Black book sessions have always been a staple in graffiti. Ever since writers would gather around the bench at 149 Street, passing around their books, meeting one another and bumping egos, the black book has been a piece of every writer’s inventory. From the hours spent lampin’ at your homies crib drawing, to page after page of hand styles from everyone you know, a black book becomes of catalog of every style and person you have ever gotten down with.

For this Black Book Session we had the good fortune of linking up with DMOTE, the world traveller and longtime heavy weight from Sydney Australia, so that he could rock a few pages in our studio book and leave his mark on 12oz history. We’ve been big fans of DMOTE’s work since he first started making waves down under, so we were stoked to have him stop by for a session. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out DMOTE’s insane amount of work and footage from over the years.

With a career that began in 1985, DMOTE is one the longest running and most recognizable writers from overseas. Part of an early group of Sydney writers that were heavily influenced by artifacts of NY style like VHS copies of Style Wars and the occasional pictures of the trains, DMOTE helped to build a scene in Australia that has become infamous around the world. After establishing himself at home DMOTE hit the road, traveling throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. Everywhere he went he continued to paint, no doubt collecting a diverse network of writers black book sessions in the process. man we’d love to get a look at those.

These days DMOTE passes his times as a Creative Director at RVCA, joining fellow writer and 12oz associate REMIO as a brand ambassador. He’s also done a number of solo and group showings of his fine art, an awesome collection of illustrations and designs. And of course, he is still painting and getting down where ever he goes.

I mean, It’s hard to not be a fan of this guy, just check out those buttery hand styles. Swear, I would say he was from NYC if I didn’t know better. That’s what comes with practice, from page after page after page covered in different fonts of the same five letters. Like novels, black books can be read cover to cover. They tell a story that is unique to the hands of every artist they pass through. Flipping through the ornate pages places you in the footsteps of the writer, an adventure more compelling than anything Hemmingway, Thompson or Vonnegut could ever imagine. Those guys were pretty cool, but few can rival the life and times of DMOTE, Australia’s official ambassador of New York style. Shout out to DMOTE for always coming correct and being a solid dude in the process.

Produced by 12ozProphet Studios
World Rights Reserved ©2015

Cinematography: Ethersock
Video Editing: Jason Suarez
Creative Direction: Kelly Salih
Words: Spencer Knowles

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