Bodega x Fred Perry ‘New Establishment’ Collection Drops This Saturday

By - Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

My boys over at Bodega have teamed up with Fred Perry for a collection that is so pleasant to the eye, it just has to mean that Spring is right around the corner.

Since its first chord was played in anger, punk has had onlookers and critics obsessively monitoring its vital signs, ready to pull the plug at a moment’s notice.  Of course, thinking of punk as a finite period of time is to fundamentally miss the point.  What makes punk pass seamlessly from one generation to the next is that punk, at its core, is an impulse.  There are codes, rituals, and signifiers that remain in place, but they are open to interpretation and improvisation. 

The Fred Perry x Bodega ‘New Establishment’ draws on diverse elements from punk’s aesthetic palette: the combative use of military surplus, wild leopard prints, and the slogan daubed shirt.  These disparate elements pay tribute to punk’s past, while suggesting how they might be applied in a contemporary context.

London based director Chris Read chosen for his decidedly stark, modernist bent, was tapped to draw out the alienation inherent in London’s isolated spaces for the first look at punk’s transition from ‘no future’ to dystopian future. 

 The Fred Perry x Bodega ‘New Establishment’ releases in-store and online Saturday March 12th, 2016.  Limited to 100, each pair is packaged with an embroidered, button down shirt – retailing for $190.

 Art Direction:

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