Bombed Out Vacant East Village Lot to Become High Rise Condo

By - Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

The vacant East Village lot on 14th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue has plans set forth to become an eight story building which will house luxury rental apartments. The announcement of the building of these condo’s does not come as a surprise. Not long ago, the owners of the neighborhood staple, The Mars Bar, announced their unwelcome closing. In the place of The Mars Bar and an adjoining building; are plans to have a forthcoming 12 story building, which will house luxury rental apartments as well. It’s truly a shame to see what has become of the beloved East Village neighborhood. Blocks that used to be so vibrant, full of energy, and creativity; now are home to Whole Foods, 7-11’s, and luxury condo’s. The last time this lot was in the news was when the NYPD found the corpse of a dead women that was placed in the trunk of an abandoned car. Boy, do we miss the old New York. This excerpt taken from the NY Post, says it all. The rebranding of communities to fit the appeal of hip youngsters leaves us aghast; when we see entire communities being turned upside down, or in this case built right on up. It looks like the owners of Mars Bar were correct in foreseeing what would happen to their former East Village home. Now we all know what was next after Mars Bar, the question is now what’s after this! Scroll down to see more photographs we took of the last of this spot. Source: NY Post Photo: 12ozProphet

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