Book: Graffiti 365

By - Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Graffiti 365 written by Jay Edlin is the newest book to tackle the ever-evolving topic of the graffiti world. This encyclopedic volume doesn’t discriminate between Graffiti and Street Art, giving both equal billing, organized alphabetically from A1one to Zilda. The 744-page book covers the vast scope of the culture from Taki 183 to the present state of international graffiti branding campaigns and “millionaire street artists”. Edlin, from the Bronx, grew up painting his name Terror 161 alongside some of the most famous and infamous subway graffiti writers (Seen UA and Cap MPC are two of his former partners). If you’re thinking an old school writer from the Bronx would only write about “traditional” graffiti, you’d be completely wrong. The book covers every nuance of the culture and how it’s splintered and evolved across the globe. So whether you’re filling-up your first flooded Pilot marker (pg211) or are a true graffiti veteran like Edlin, there’s certainly a lot to learn between the covers of this book. Scroll down to check out a couple sample spreads from Graffiti 365. Graffiti 365 is publushed by Abrams New York and released October 2011 You can also check out Terror161’s 12ozProphet Blog

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