Book Release Party: Mint and Serf Support, Therapy and Instability

By - Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Mint&Serf are thrilled to announce a release of SUPPORT, THERAPY AND INSTABILITY A monograph of new works by Mint&Serf with Jacuzzi Chris and Pablo Power. Contributing essays by Carlo McCormick (Senior Editor, Paper magazine), Cat Marnell (writer/former beauty editor & Vice “Amphetamine Logic” columnist) and The Peter Pan Posse. BOOK LAUNCH PARTY ON WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18TH, 7:00-9:00PM NEUEHOUSE 110 East 25th Street Between Park Ave. and Lexington Ave. New York City New York, NY, Dec. 18th – NYC artists Mint&Serf are pleased to present Support, Therapy and Instability, their new limited edition (Edition of 1000) 136 page monograph, self-published with the generous support of Tim Cadiente of Barton Perreira. Support, Therapy And Instability is a hard cover and full color monograph printed on 128 gsm paper stock. The book’s main focus are twenty three large canvases created by Mint&Serf, Jacuzzi Chris, Pablo Power and the Peter Pan Posse at The Broadway Chapter in New York City from December of 2011 through September of 2012. Contributing essays are written by Cat Marnell and Carlo McCormick. Support, Therapy And Instability strips graffiti to the bare gristle of gesture and expression, while getting away far from polished graffiti murals and calculated street art. The series attempts to look at the narrative of expressions, rather than graffiti as a decorative aesthetic that often lacks meaning. “Graffiti is not about being perfect – its about the instability of this outlaw lifestyle and the chaos that it brings along for the ride. Graffiti is my life’s turbulence exploded on a wall.” – Mikhail Sokovikov “Raw, aggressive, unstyled – it’s a return to the gestural, the raw markings of graffiti, in an effort to strip it back to the nerve endings. If the campy stylings of latter day Banksy are Green Day, Mint&Serf are evoking the Dead Boys or Sex Pistols.” – Jaime RoJo for Huffington Post “It was just like graffiti on the city walls, or in seedy cocaine bathrooms at the bars graffiti writers hone in on: ever-evolving, alive, and essentially unconfined.” – Cat Marnell “Somewhere in the lineage between Duchamp submitting a urinal as art and Pollock peeing on a canvas, Mint&Serf’s brutal rupturing of style and content as well as form and function is just as conceptually radical as Marcel’s R. Mutt and not so far from the drunken reeling of Jackson’s drip.” – Carlo McCormick Born in Moscow and Brooklyn, respectively, Mint&Serf (a.k.a. The Mirf) are Mikhail Sokovikov and Jason Aaron Wall. After meeting in 1997, the duo took to the streets of New York City, which has served as an infinite canvas for their creative vision. After moving into their larger Broadway Chapter studio in December 2011, Mint&Serf were able to realize these major collaborative works as visiting graffiti writers such as Jacuzzi Chris and Pablo Power were invited to hang out and tag the canvases. Their emphasis on team collaboration forms a major aspect of their practice and separates them from their contemporaries in this field. Mint&Serf have been recently featured in The New York Post, Interview Magazine, Huffington Post, Dossier Journal, The DailyMail, VICE, Paper, Gothamist and Blackbook. They have created commissioned works for a number of clients including NY Yankees, Ace Hotel, SoHo House, Marc Jacobs and Barton Perrreira. Mint&Serf live and work in New York City. Artwork featured in Support, Therapy and Instability will be on view at Mint&Serf’s upcoming exhibit at Bleecker Street Arts Club opening Thursday, January 16th, 2014. Support, Therapy and Instability is available for purchase here. For more information, please contact Mikhail Sokovikov: MINT@MINTANDSERF.COM

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