Book Release: "SnubNose: Owner's Workshop Manual"

By - Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Brooklynite Gallery, based out of Bedford Stuyvesant, New York, has always held wildly successful and creative shows. While they have recently stepped back from the full scale openings that everyone is accustomed to, they have been busy working on a number of other projects behind the scenes, one of which is a new book which is slated to be released this week. The book will contain full color images and text and is available in two forms. The limited edition version is an embossed, stamped and numbered edition of 125. This version comes with an outer jacket that becomes a two sided poster as well as three various prints from six different artists. These prints are being prepared by RAE, Stinkfish, Enx, Mau Mau, Omega, and Carl Cashman. The book will also be available in a standard, open edition version if you aren’t lucky enough to get one from the limited edition batch. While this version doesn’t come with prints, an assorted pack of stickers accompanies the book. Be sure to check Brooklynite Gallery’s website to pick one of these up just in time for the holiday season. The limited edition is $125 and the standard edition will be $75. Below is an except from the introduction: snub-nose (“snbnz”) adj. 1. Having a short, turned-up nose. 2. Having an extremely short barrel: a snub-nosed pistol. 3. Pocket-Sized prints introduced by Brooklynite Gallery for the cost of a taxi-ride. ____________________________________________ Ever since the first art exhibition held at Brooklynite Gallery in 2008 the invitations for each show have been handmade by the artist. Instead of a simple, glossy postcard with the date, time and image, the exhibiting artist, or artists, would spent time painstakingly, hand-making each invite using a variety of mediums. With supply not meeting demand, these little gems became desirable to fans and collectors alike. What soon became clear was that there was a number of new, young collectors all around the globe who followed the ‘street art’ scene, desired to own a piece of work but just couldn’t afford to buy an original. And so the idea to expand the hand-made, post-card sized print beyond an art exhibition invite was born …and it’s name was the “SNUB-NOSE PRINT”. Text by Spencer Elzey Photos and Introduction excerpt by Brooklynite Gallery

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