Born and Bred Show at Outlaw Arts

By - Friday, February 19th, 2016

The “Born And Bred” show at Outlaw Arts features New York natives: Faust, Queen Andrea, Ghost, Wane, Al Diaz and a guest appearance from Giz. Their pieces all gave strong characteristics of what it means to be a New Yorker. Faust’s work brought his vibe in works like  “No Rest”, “All That Matters”, and “The Hustle”. His use of white and gold on black evokes mystery, spirituality, awareness and drive. Queen Andrea also brought her “NY OG” vibe but it had a lighter feel in pieces such as “Hustle Hard” and “High Off Life,” with bold multi-color schemes and shapes. On the other hand, her pieces’ “I Miss The Old New York” and “Shine On Crazy Star” use of white, red and silver on black was nostalgic and hopeful.

Ghost kept it cheeky and relaxed with his signature one and two eyed characters in his GH initials for his “Painted Prints”. This theme stepped up a notch in his collaboration bleeding canvas piece with Giz which features Ghost’s creatures with Giz’s sexual and mutated Simpson characters, Bart and Lisa. Al Diaz is more confrontational and thought-provoking with his “Define Smart” and his “Embrace Madness” pieces which comments on societal norms. He uses mixed media of screen printed images, tiling and a collage of what appears to be MTA wet paint signs and service change notices. 

To top it off, Wane gives us four pieces. “Submerge” and “Transcendence”, two of which are  his bright intricate 3-D fill in styles that pulled the viewer deep into the gritty and beautiful, ever nocturnal streets of New York CIty.  “Celestial” and “Thermosphere” are more abstract with different lines running through, bits of printed dots in the middle or the right of the piece, and strokes of complimenting and conflicting colors. It seems to reference to the multi-faceted elements of the city that sometimes seems to clash with itself (such as graffiti filled streets facing sky high glass towers) but ultimately blends together to reflect the city as a whole.

The entire show is currently up and running until Sunday February 21st, Today, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 6pm at 51 Orchard St.

Photography: MayLay

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