Brick Slayers: EHC Holding Down Austin, Texas

By - Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Summer came and went a while ago, but at least it left us with some great flicks to look back on. Down there in Austin, Texas they must be putting something in the water because the EHC crew has been busting out style from every which way. From the likes of LEON, SMILE, TUMS and TILES the Austin Thread in the 12ozProphet Forums has been blessed with a ton of work. From crew reps to burners, pieces and throw ups you get a little bit of everything. While they hold down Austin with a heavy hand, we’ve also seen EHC popping up steadily in the Bay Area and Portland amongst others. This crew does big things and always comes correct with their style and execution. Big ups to all these guys puttin’ in work.

Make sure you check out the 12ozProphet Brick Slayers Forum for more pics like the ones below posted by 12ozProphet Member Noel Jones. There’s plenty more where these came from.

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