Bring the Hate: No Way for MoCa Event at Brooklyn Museum

By - Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

By now, most people have heard of MoCA in Los Angeles’ current exhibition, “Art In The Streets”; The first museum backed graffiti and street art retrospect featuring over 50 of the most influential artists in that genre. I’d assume to most of the 12ozProphet readership, a retrospect exhibition of this type sounds amazing, if not long overdue. From someone who’s seen the exhibition live, having the opportunity to view all these artists under one roof is quiet the experience. But of course, some people feel different. Reporters have been going around asking the Los Angeles community how they feel about having the show in their community. The general consensus seems to be nothing but hate. People are blaming the show for everything from a recent upsurge in vandalism by local gang members in the area, to every other act of vandalism throughout the rest of the city (Banksy being the ironic exception). Now that the word is out about the show making its way cross country to the Brooklyn Museum, the hate gains momentum in the Big Apple. Scared that the show will deface the community surrounding the Brooklyn Museum, the opposition is wielding the defense of neighborhood bodega’s as the rallying cry to get the East Coast stop nixed. Despite how many subway painting outlaws from yesteryear have since gone on to establish majorly successful art careers, have contributed work to many of the the most established art collections in the world and have become chapters in contemporary art history, others still are determined to dismiss any sort of merit writing it all off as petty vandalism. Must be a real bitch knowing that a great many of the pieces in MoCA’s show are valued at well beyond what the average New Yorker, let alone American, earn in a year.

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