Music Video: TNGHT "Bugg'n"

By - Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Take a glance at the potential future of hip-hop production. TNGHT, comprised of Canadian producer Lunice and Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke, hit the summer hard and bass-heavy with its release of a self-titled debut EP. In the right crowd, the album promises to deliver vigorous head shaking and dance floor madness. Bugg’n, like the rest of the album, pushes the boundaries in the realm of electronic-infused hip hop. Virtually each song on the five track EP features an inventive bass drop and exhibits minimalistic yet kinetic composition. The sampling on Bugg’n tends towards the obscure, TNGHT breaks up the track with a baby’s squeal of surprise and synthesizes a harmony by looping the sound of a bubble slowly popping. This combined with an underlying bass line and the track’s crisp, tinny melody creates a unique, nearly alien, listening experience that seems to take place inside of a hot lava lamp. If you were envisioning a rap, or psychadelic video editing on this beat, check out Captain Murphy’s Odd Future-esque cover of it. “Shake Weight”-Captain Murphy Look out for these two artists as they continue their careers individually and together. Hudson Mohawke caught the attention for Kanye West, who employed his tastes in the co-production of Kanye’s latest album, Cruel Summer, and most notably on the single “Mercy.” Lunice, on the other hand, has purportedly teamed up with Diplo (Diplunice?) for a collab project. The two have already come out with a playful remix on indie band Deerhunter’s forlorn “Helicopter.” The TNGHT partners are sailing into unchartered waters, and you don’t want to miss any discoveries.

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