Video: Caribes – Trailer: CMS CREW x Caracas, Venezuela

By - Friday, January 30th, 2015

Drug trafficking, human trafficking, murder and kidnappings, all mixed into a beautiful coastal mountain range. Welcome to Caracas, Venezuela.

In a country of 29 million people, there is roughly one gun for every two people. Venezuela is known for having one of the highest murder rates in the world and is plagued by widespread corruption. This is where you will find the CMS Crew. They travel through South America and all other parts of the world representing their crew and Caracas. This crew is different than most because they only paint the letters CMS. For them, you will see that the crew is more important than the individual.

Comanse Mis Sobras (Eat my leftovers) / Con Mucho Sabor (With a lot of flavor) will take you through the streets of South America and show you what real teamwork is all about. Founded by 11, they have every aspect of the game covered; street bombing, highways, huge crew jammers everywhere, and of course, the beloved trains with windows.

Caribs settled in the Caribbean islands around 1200AD. Traveling from the Orinoco River area in South America, they quickly mastered warfare and navigation. Early Europeans claimed they practiced cannibalism and held rituals related to eating their enemies of war. These warriors had a reputation for raiding neighboring islands and that’s exactly how CMS and friends get down. Make sure you don’t miss the first episode of the Caribes this January and follow @caribestv

“We came from the Caribbean, went here and there, always surrounded by good people, making good times and enemies of any kind of order.”


Instagram: @caribestv

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