Catching Up with ChrisRWK Prior to his Mighty Tanaka Show

By - Monday, October 7th, 2013

ChrisRWK, from Robots Will Kill, has an upcoming show at Mighty Tanaka in DUMBO opening on October 11th so it felt like a good time to catch up with him and see what he’s been up to. After looking back through my pictures I realized just how busy these past few weeks have been for him; he’s put up new murals with longtime partner, Veng, in Bushwick and Little Italy (for Vandalog’s LISA project) and solo walls in DUMBO (in conjunction with DUMBO Arts Festival and Mighty Tanaka), The Bronx (courtesy of the notorious Mr. Cope 2) and a four-panel installation outside of Ghost on Eldridge in the LES. His sticker game is also topnotch. Wherever you look you’re bound to find at least one of his slaps stuck to a street sign or post – there’s a reason that he won last year’s Sticker Artist of the Year which was put together by Bomit. Just to let you know that he’s not slacking off, he also recently left his mark at Spotify’s new office. ChrisRWK has been busy in the streets since the 90’s but the current Robots Will Kill group was officially formed in 2001. He first thought of the name while at a fellowship in Vermont back in 1999 but waited a few years to let the idea mature so that he could figure out the direction that he wanted to take it. According to ChrisRWK, “The name Robots Will Kill came from the idea of doing something like working and becoming robotic and letting it kill your creative side, your drive, even your love of going fishing.” His paintings tend to involve many layers adding to the meaning and complexity of the pieces. There are two characters that are common throughout; there is the more humanlike figure and the Robot. The former is meant to embody the average person that you’d walk by on the street, complete with wide-open eyes. The later always have straight lines for eyes which make you question whether they have emotion or not. He refers to his robot character as POBOY (pronounced Po Boy) which is an acronym for Prosthetic Organic Bot Of Youth. Be sure to check out his newest creations which will be on display from October 11th through November 8th at Mighty Tanaka located on the 2nd floor of 111 Front Street.

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