A Cheech Wizard Tribute Show From Mark Bode

By - Monday, February 1st, 2016

Few characters in graffiti are more recognizable than the Cheech Wizard. Since day one the infamous creature in an oversized wizard hat has been popping up on subway trains, boxcars, freight trains and pieces. It has a unique tie to graffiti like none other, save maybe boomboxes and b-boy profiles.

Created by Vaughn Bode in 1957 at the age of 15, Cheech Wizard grew into a multi generational underground icon. Following his unfortunate death in 1975, writers began to co-opt the character for their own works. Who knows what it was that originally drew writers to the Wizard, but ever since it has become a staple of the culture, and in turn they helped Vaughn’s legacy as an artist live on.

In continuing the tradition of the Cheech Wizard, Vaughn Bode’s son Mark has revived the character his father created. He has both made the character his own and honored the work of his father over the years, all while collaborating with some of the biggest names in the street art and street wear culture.

This show, “I Am What I Am” is a curated a celebration of the cartoon messiah through an array of new and praised artwork, coinciding with the official San Francisco release of the Cheech Wizard’s Book of “ME,” by Fantagraphics publishing. Original Vaughn and Mark Bode artwork, memorabilia, and authentic pages from the book of ME will adorn the walls of the gallery for a month.

Make sure to check out the show opening February 4th at 1AM Gallery in San Francisco.

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