Chicago’s Own: AMUSE 126

By - Monday, July 20th, 2015

The people of Chicago know AMUSE 126. Some admire him, others take issue with his line of work, but they all respect him. Much like Al Capone and Bugs Moran before him, AMUSE 126 has become infamous in the windy city. Turning a life of crime into bonafide celebrity is rare, but so are the talents of this particular writer. AMUSE and his gang have taken to the streets to stake their claim on what they believe to be theirs, and in this case that means everything.

A native of Chicago, AMUSE has been getting down since the late 90s, early 2000s. A student of the game from a young age he studied and learned from the masters of that era. In his work and mentality are a respect for the way things were done, how they are supposed to be done, reminiscent of mafia tradition. In a city that has always had a strong graffiti presence, AMUSE has never had a problem stating his name. with the many factories and an elevated train line, the spots and potential are limitless, and he has taken full advantage.

Beyond the notoriety and sheer amount of work however, is the style with which AMUSE carries his name. It’s at the same time structure based and abstract. Colors and lines blend and flow in unison, creating an organic, yet calculated finished product. Watching footage of him paint makes this all the more clear. The way in which he approaches the wall, and lays down layers of paint in broad strokes, is done with the ease of someone who has been doing his damn thing for a long damn time. Someone with the confidence in himself and his reputation to try and push the boundaries of what is expected. In short, someone who is truly dedicated to the game.

AMUSE 126 has been, and will continue to be, one of the most impressive writers to come not only from Chicago, but from the United States as a whole. Killing shit in a city like Chicago, where the buff is tough and the residents are not always friendly, is difficult. But, to do so to the extent, and with the style that AMUSE has, places his name solidly amongst the mobsters that came before him. Capone, Moran, Dillinger and AMUSE, Chicago’s Original Gangsters.

Words by Spencer Knowles
Photos by Jeff Mancilla


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