Chilean Paint Company Tricolor Supportive of Graffiti

By - Thursday, May 31st, 2012

For your everyday man’s regular paint company it’s their worst nightmare, not only the profit loss due to theft, but to be put to blame for graffiti vandalism. Krylon has changed caps, given grants to Graffiti Hurts, a graffiti removal program, and dont forget Rustoleum, changing to female caps and Anti-Graffiti wax coating kit. But for Tricolor, a 70 year old paint company based in Chile, they understand their modern market, and are making leaps and bounds to prove it. Tricolor is not only diving into the current social media trends to really connect to its customer base, they are taking action by making really well made videos of how their paint, if used by the right creative types, can be integrated into a big part of youth culture, through graffiti, art, and celebration decoration. Usually, aside from the dope (banned) Nintendo x Wane, Reas, Wen, Relm, Jesto x Wutang throwback, graffiti in general advertising just comes across as distressing or just plain wack. The video is well made, and for a company that is not primarily a spray paint provider, or even trying to focus on a niche, I say they did a good job showing some love to a culture that other regular paint companies either choose to ignore in advertising or just straight up refute it. But dont forget to peep all of the goodguy Ironlak subliminal messaging! This video was shot at Mysterland, a dj/music festival that was for the first time held outside of the Netherlands. For more info on the festival, check out Mysteryland’s website. Text: sheacote

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