Chris Robots Will Kill Collaboration show at Ethik Clothing Co. in Philadelphia

By - Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

On Friday May 8th, Ethik Clothing Co. on South Street in Philadelphia hosted a collaboration show featuring Chris RWK. This giant collaboration show featured over 20 great artists including Chris Robots Will Kill, Rega, Mike Die , Veng, El Toro, Jos-L, Sloth33, Under Water Pirates, R2F, Ticky, Air Rat, Etor, Mad, Vedo, WTF, Bob Will Reign, Simple, Kamz, Josh?, Dash, Skull Dezign, Turtle Caps, and Dick Ripple. These artists were able to collaborate, producing a room full of bright, vivid canvases. Many included their signature characters, and incorporated an interaction with another character to create a piece. A few of the artists showed up to sign black books, share stickers and talk to the viewers about the collaborations.

The idea was conceived when Chris RWK started these 22 canvases, and then mailed them to 22 different artists. The results were all featured in the show. Chris RWK is known for his website His original objective for the site was to showcase artwork that has been generally overlooked. He was heavily influenced by graffiti and wanted to learn more about it. He also learned more about fine art, and developed his way into the scene. Since 2001 the site has had tremendous success, and many artists today are influenced by it. The site features graffiti submissions, stickers and merchandise.

Feel free to check out some of the artists featured in this show on instagram:@robotswillkill @_kmkmkmkm @stalloneranger @eltoro215 @bobwillreign @underwaterpirates33 @questionjosh @simplethirtythree @phillyticky @joslart @thatsloth33 @etorious33 @internet_virus.jpg @turtlecaps @air_rat @wtf33crime169 @dashdoe @skull_dezign @mikedie @dickripple

The show was sponsored by Junobo Paint, Tattooed Mom and Red Bull.

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