Chrome and Black: Winter Graffiti Battle, London.

By - Thursday, January 14th, 2016

Esteemed London graffiti shop Chrome & Black held its Winter Battle recently, with writers being chosen from submissions sent in from the public and a high degree of mystery surrounding what was actually going to happen. 

With words chosen at random minutes before each round the tests progressed with varying challenges; from simple London-esque Dub styles through to more complex words and colour schemes, each against the clock. The writers were judged in the initial rounds by the public and by NYC legends Terrible T- Kid 170, Kel1st and Londoner  Zaki Dee of The Chrome Angelz in the final round. 

 “Round 1 saw Neboe, Oust, Inkfetish, Chik, Crept, Robes, Kaes and Goro1 battle it out in West London, on a cold, wet and windy day at 9am. It was raining so much we had to try and dry the walls with kitchen roll! We drew a random word of a hat, ‘EXPO’ and they then had 20 minutes to create the best dub they could.”


The final saw well known London writers Chik and Crept battle it out for the possible cash prize, with the word ‘Flames’ being  drawn – 12 cans of paint available and one hour to put it down. As is evident in the video above, both writers demonstrate a huge knowledge of balance, structure and colour use – with characters added in by both to sweeten the deal.

The eventual winner was Crept, the pieces garnering these responses from the judges

Terrible T-Kid 170 – Crept. 
“So I saw the two pieces ‘FLAMES’. They were both good and both exhibited good use of color, style and technique, but I decided to choose the ‘FLAMES’ with the Cheech wizard character ’cause it has a lot more going on. There were little nuances added to the letters and the artist expoit it but use of characters to bring the piece out and give it more.”

KEL1st. – Chik 
“Letter style: Classic old school transit letter forms, clean style, bolder. Some of the arrow shapes need more balance.
Color combination: Color palette is uncoordinated, over kill on he yellow, 3-D works well to offset the letter forms. Not enough interior design work within the letters.
Character: Could use losing the yellow to make it stand out more, the yellow shines hurt.
Execution: Nice can control and if the yellow shines were left out the letters would be stronger.

“Letter Style is a bit cramped and trying too hard to flow with arrows and connections to that lack transition.
Color combination: Nice use of coordinating color scheme, the choice of purple compliments the rest of the color palette used. The red on the end doesn’t fit in with the rest of the fill in.
Character: While not an original character, looks like he did a good job of knowing where this type of style comes from. The legs need work, probably better left out. The Bode character is well done but would have benefited from having the legs.
Execution: Can control needs some work, if the control was there and the letter forms eased back a bit to be cleaner lines and bolder shapes it could be stronger.

The winner in my opinion is piece 2 (Chik)”

ZakiDee163 – Crept 
“Big shout out to both writers as free-styling, painting under pressure with limited cans and with such a time restraint is a tuff task. Both were worthy opponents. For me though, ‘piece 1’ (Crept) just edges it. ‘Piece 2’ has a real nice 80’s colour scheme fill and the ‘A’ & ‘M’ are solid, but ‘piece 1’  has a flow to it that works for me, the ‘M’ ‘E’ ‘S’ letter forms are real nice, plus both characters drop.”

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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