City Limits Issue Four Available Now From Attng3tr

By - Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

This post is a promotion of a product. The talented contributors here at 12ozProphet also produce zines, music, clothes etc. of there own, and when we get a chance we like to promote their dedication. Support us by supporting them. Peace.


For the past few years there has been one city that constantly buzzing around the graffiti grape vine. You’ll here about all the writers that pass through, catch flicks of the insane street side burners and bombed out abandoned buildings, and wish that you could be there. Since sometime before the financial crash of 2008 the city of Detroit, MI has been somewhat of a graffiti playground for the superstars of the scene. While, as we noted here, that wild west has been somewhat reigned in, there are still some of the best writers making their way to the Motor City to take part in the fun.

City Limits is a zine from 12ozProphet Contributor and stellar photographer attng3tr that fills you in on everything you may be missing from Detroit. When it comes to people that have documented the the changing scene in D-Town few people can stand next to the work the attng3tr has put in over the last couple years. She has become our go to, boots on the ground reporter for anything happening in those parts, and shows a passion for graffiti like few others who don’t actively paint.

Self designed and published, City Limits is a really fantastic piece of work through and through. If you’re looking to stay on top of all the fun being had in Detroit this is a must have for your cellection, and at $20.00 is well worth the money. Make sure you head over to Attg3tr’s Big Cartel store and cop it today.

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