Color Ink Book: The Greatest DIY Art Periodical/Coloring Book

By - Friday, September 28th, 2012

Color Ink Book is such a good idea it should have been done a long time ago, fortunately for us not only is it being done but its literally the perfect mix of amazing work from contemporary Artists from all types of backgrounds and regions joined together for the cause of crayons and chaos. What I really like about Color Ink Book, (besides the awesome Brothers Washburn and the Artists involved.) is the opportunity for those who want to own something special, while still forced on a budget to have a chance to grab something not “everywhere”. The Brothers sum it up best here: “The Brothers Washburn is comprised of brothers, Adam and Jason (Big Money Rodan) Washburn, and is a family owned and operated business based in Southern California. Color Ink Book is the brainchild of these two visionaries. The book was designed to share their love of the arts and to promote the artists showcased within. To bring their creation to life, they decided to become publishers and through the success of that venture have added toys/collectibles, prints and apparel to the Brothers Washburn line. “ (Quote taken from their site.) Here’s a sample…from the sample book (Downloadable pdf available on Image-2} Dolla Food One McBess TADO Ron English For more info, a free downloadable sample book and a way to get your hands on the one and only Color Ink Book Please check out (They’re already up to issue 16!) You can also follow them on Twitter @colorinkbook or on Instagram @colorinkbook All images are owned by The Brothers Washburn Text: Milk/Kill The Giant

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