Comet Graffiti Paintings and Drawings on Dirty Pilot

By - Monday, March 26th, 2012

Comet was one of the most influential and prolific subway graffiti writers of the early 1970’s particularly with his partner in crime Blade and other members of The Crazy 5. Dirty Pilot continues to make artwork by some of the most legendary graffiti writers accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Scroll down to read Dirty Pilot’s official statement and click through the following pages to check out all of Comet’s classic works available. Comet’s bio on the Dirty Pilot website: John “Comet” Russo began painting subway trains as a very young boy, just like most graffiti writers. What was different about him was he started writing back in 1971 and at that time graffiti was in the beginning stages. Come, along with others, paved the way for new writers on that era and gave the graffiti community a solid foundation to build on. During his run painting the trains, he had four very artistic partners, Silver Tips, Billy 167, Cliff 159, and last but not least Blade 1. Comet and Blade too over the #2 and #5 train lines back in 1974. They became the kings and that reign lasted for 7 years to 1981. No other writer ever held these train lines that long. They were true kings. They painted many, many trains. Comet considered himself the driving force and constantly pushed his partner to do more. Now, at the age of 50, Comet returned to his passion once again but instead of painting subway trains he turned to the canvas, to start my new battle above ground. All artworks pictured are available for sale on the Dirty Pilot website through April 15th, 2012. Check out more of Comet’s paintings on Page 2… {pagebreak} Check out more of Comet’s paintings on Page 3… {pagebreak} Check out Comet’s works on paper on Page 4… {pagebreak} Check out the rest of Comet’s work on Page 4… {pagebreak}

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