Coming Soon… Counting Sheep Volume 2

By - Friday, January 29th, 2016

This is the grit that you came for. That gnarly, street shit the 12ozProphet has been known for in the past. We want people to hit the streets and hit them hard. To reclaim graffiti for what it used to be. That’s what Counting Sheep is bringing us back to. It’s taking it back to the streets, back to the 90s, back to when committing to this life style really meant something.

Last year we kicked off the series with GOOMBA. That extended first edition followed along on a journey to hit a legendary spot. It saw GOOMBA getting after it, catching tags in every spot and throwups on rooftops. It was a peak into the night time activities that catch your attention the next morning. But, it was only the beginning.

This coming Monday we’ll bring you the next installment in Counting Sheep, this time featuring DEBT YKK. What you’ll see will take to the streets of the Lower East Side and inspire you to go out and wreck some shit yourself. We’re talking real shit. We’re talking about the streets we came up on, and the type of graff mentality that drives the dedicated beyond infatuation, and on to insanity.

This Monday Counting Sheep Volume 2 will drop. We just hope you’re ready for what we have in store.

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